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Types of Ammunition for Pellet Guns

An important consideration when you purchase an airgun is ammunition. For pellet guns, you have a few choices, depending on the model you own. Standard ammunition rounds are .177 caliber blunt-nosed conical pellets (lead or steel). However, many pellet guns will also fire round BBs (.177, .20, or .22).

You can find ammunition for pellet guns just about anywhere that sells airguns. If you're a novice shooter, it's important to ask the sales staff or an experienced friend which types of ammo are suitable for your particular gun. Firing incompatible projectiles is a quick way to ruin your investment.

This leads to another "no-no" pertaining to ammunition and pellet guns. Don't re-use spent pellets or BBs! The temptation is strong, especially if you're a younger shooter on a very limited budget. But trust me - you will quickly degrade your gun's performance if you recycle the ammo. The shape deformation and scrapes on a BB or pellet that has already been fired will gouge the rifling in your airgun's barrel to the point of inaccuracy and poor distance.

Finally, what you use your airgun for is often the most important determining factor in picking ammunition. If you enjoy shooting pellet guns with your friends just for fun - at paper targets, tin cans, etc. - then get the cheapest ammo you can find and blast away. But if you own the gun for more serious purposes - hunting small game or eliminating vermin in your yard - then it's smart to invest in higher quality pellets or BBs.

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