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Gun laws for air-powered hand guns vary widely

Gun laws for hand guns and air-powered rifles and pistols vary from state to state and country to country. Different areas of the world have wide-ranging gun laws that determine how you can purchase hand guns and/or air guns, how they can be shipped, how they can be carried, etc. By breaking any of these legal rules, you face heavy fines and sometimes jail time.

In the international arena, one sees a wide variation in gun laws. For instance, in Japan real hand guns are illegal. Professional sharp shooting competitors who live in Japan are forced to practice their sport with airgun replicas. Airsoft firearms are particularly realistic and highly favored by the professional shooting set around the globe.

United States gun laws for hand guns

If you live in the United States and are interested in purchasing a weapon, either genuine or air-powered, make sure you thoroughly research your state’s gun laws beforehand. Use particular caution if you are ordering hand guns online or through a mail order catalog. Many states forbid the shipment of firearms through the mail.

When purchasing airsoft airguns from abroad, make sure that the dealer providing you with the weapon follows your country’s gun laws (especially shipping). Because airsoft hand guns look so genuine, they are required to have a red or orange plastic cap on the barrel to distinguish them from real firearms within the United States. Violating this basic rule can lead to bad consequences for you as the receiver of such illegal goods.

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