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BB pistols and compact air guns

BB pistols are now all the rage among lovers of air guns. It used to be that one could only buy rifles for target practice and varmint hunting, but now the market has expanded to include hand-held firearms. Many of these BB pistols resemble the real thing, even though they shoot small metal pellets rather than bullets. These air guns are designed to be sleeker and more compact every year and are truly handsome firearms.

You can find BB pistols made by the most prestigious firearm manufacturers in the world, such as Walther and Colt. These companies put just as much care and attention to detail into their air guns as they do their genuine bullet-firing firearms.

The best BB pistols and affordable compact air guns

The market for BB pistols and compact air guns is saturated right now with high quality products. People like to buy rifles for hunting, but handguns are ideal for target shooting, collecting, and recreation. Powerful air-powered BB handguns include the Beeman P1 (also known as the Weihrauch HW45) and the Walther PPK (from the James Bond movies).

BB pistols
Walther PPK "James Bond" BB Pistol

Before you start examining BB pistols, decide how much energy you want to exert with every shot. If you are interested in a pump action pistol, then you should probably have a fair amount of upper arm strength and be prepared for a significantly delay between shots. Otherwise, go with gas or an electric pistol for semi-automatic fun.

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