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Walther - an eminent history of handguns

Walther is a German firearm manufacturer that provided nearly every German soldier in World War I with compact handguns for use as standard combat sidearms. The company has been around since 1886 and has pioneered the design of self-loading pistols. Walther merged with Umarex in 1993 and has since turned out even more prize-winning handguns. In fact, this companyís models won gold medals at the Atlanta Olympics.

In the year 1999, Smith & Wesson became the exclusive American distributor for the Walther firearms. You can now buy the brandís handguns, rifles, airguns, and accessories from dealers all over the United States.

Walther's classic handguns

Walther makes popular handguns such as the PPK and P99. The P99 is a handsome titanium-coated gun that weighs 25 ounces and has four interchangeable blades of front sight. The P990 is similar to the P99. It is also a 9 mm handgun. These pistols are streamlined, good-looking, and available at (or through) most arms dealers.

BB pistols
Walther PPK Air Pistol

You can buy Walther handguns with extra accessories, such as holsters, laser sights, and magazines. Most pistols have basic features and many extra accessories that can be added. Most accessories are interchangeable with other firearms and can be used on a wide variety of brands. Some additional features that have been made for bullet-firing pistols and rifles can also be outfitted on airsoft and pellet gun counterparts. Because the sizing of these firearms is fairly uniform, there is a vast opportunity for the exchange of accessories.

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