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The history of Steyr guns and target shooting

Steyr is a city in Austria that has been an industrial center for metalworking activity since the 14th Century. The eponymous company has gone through many permutations over the years, but all of its names and stages have produced high quality firearms. They are ideal for both target shooting and hunting. The Steyr name commands respect in every circle, from professional target shooting to serious gun collecting.

M606 Steyr Airsoft BB Gun

The Steyr gun brand was famous for producing muskets and pistols for the Imperial Austrian Army during its heyday. Today, the company has added “Mannlicher” to its name, and is still world renowned for its weapon forging prowess. The company sells everything from hunting rifles to military and law enforcement firearms, so you can find a gun for everything from target shooting to deer hunting.

The Steyr name and target shooting

There are two main series of Steyr pistols: the M&S series and the M-A1 series. Both these designs are sleek, modern, and feature a unique lockable safety system. Target shooting with these self-loading pistols is its own reward. The M-A1 series of pistols is the more recent of the two. These guns are extremely light and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand. Its newly designed triangular/trapezoid sights make it easy to fire with repeatable precision.

Although the Steyr M&S series is older, it still boasts many innovative safety features that the company is renowned for. There is a limited access lock with a key to make sure you are the only one who can shoot the gun. There is also an automatic trigger, drop, and firing pin safety mechanism, as well as a manual safety.  These are superior weapons for the serious shooter or collector.

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