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The pros and cons of hunting with air rifles

The practice of hunting is as old as man himself. The difference today is that most people who hunt in the modern world do so for sport rather than for food, especially when using air rifles. Serious hunters use high caliber firearms and treat hunting with a great amount of respect. Those who practice the sport with air rifles are usually in it for smaller game and to kill varmints and other pests.

Gamo Varmint Hunter Air Rifle

Hunting with air rifles is infinitely preferable to performing the sport with air-powered handguns and pistols. The latter airguns just donít have enough power to be anything but injurious to an animal, unless you are shooting at extremely close range with one of the highest caliber pistols.

The rules for hunting with air rifles are virtually identical to the rules of hunting with traditional firearms. Firearms should never be treated as toys, whether they fire high caliber bullets or low velocity pellets. You should never treat shooting as a purely recreational activity, but always as a pastime with potentially dangerous consequences if not performed correctly.

That being said, hunting with air rifles can be fun if you follow the standard safety rules. Popular prey for airguns includes squirrels, rabbits, rats, possums, chipmunks, and field mice. These animals are very agile and spook easily, so you must be a particularly good shot to hit them. Laser sights and scopes can make things a lot easier.

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