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Varmint hunting with a pellet gun

When you think of varmint hunting, you also think of a trustworthy, high-powered pellet gun. The sport and the weapon go hand in hand. It would almost be a waste of bullets to go varmint hunting with an expensive bullet-firing rifle. The ideal weapon for this sport is definitely a pellet gun.

Gamo Varmint Hunter Pellet Gun

Going varmint hunting for classic prey such as squirrels, gophers, and other rodents is an old American pastime, especially in the Southern states, where squirrel season is still highly anticipated. A young personís first pellet gun can be a rite of passage in many communities. The first time one bags a squirrel, rabbit, or other small creature is a rite of passage for many young boys (and girls).

Tips for varmint hunting with a pellet gun

If you are serious about varmint hunting, then you may need to invest in some accessories for both you and your pellet gun. Standard extra features for the sport include an airgun scope, a sling for your air rifle, camouflage, and a good, all-purpose hunting knife. You also have the option of using four different standard calibers of pellet rifle: .177, .20, .22, and .25.  Generally speaking, the higher the caliber, the slower its velocity, but the bigger its impact on the target.

The kind of varmint hunting that you are doing determines what kind of caliber rifle and ammunition size and configuration you use. For instance, are you shooting close-range or long-range with your pellet gun? What size animal are you aiming for?  Pellets come in several different designs, some of which are better for killing and others for target shooting and plinking.

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