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Varmit hunting with an air rifle

varmit hunting

The sport of varmit hunting with an air rifle can be fun, although the death toll can be high. Small animals such as squirrels, mice, gophers, and rats easily fall victim to these firearms. Varmit hunting is an easy way to rid a barn of pests. An air rifle is usually the perfect caliber to extinguish these animals quickly and humanely.

A lot of patience goes into varmit hunting. You must sometimes sit still for long periods in order to catch the movements of small creatures. Staking out a place near a food source is always a good idea. Remember that most of these small animals stockpile food for the winter, so setting up shop near a walnut or hickory pile with your air rifle usually pays off.

Best varmit hunting prey for your air rifle

Groundhogs, gophers, and marmots all qualify as small game that is often targeted in varmit hunting. Squirrels and rats are also ubiquitous across most of the country. When you take your air rifle into the country to seek your prey, make sure you bring with you a fine pair of binoculars. You may spend many hours scouting the wilderness with the binoculars glued to your eyes, so it is important to have a high quality pair that feels comfortable.

Before going varmit hunting, make sure you are familiar with the seasonal gun laws of your state or territory. Many times, you can only hunt squirrels or other prey during a particular season. The rest of the time, your air rifle might be collecting dust in the garage. Luckily, you will find that in most locations, hunting small game like the species mentioned here is legal year-round.

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