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Buying air rifle ammunition (pellets) in bulk

Most serious airgun enthusiasts purchase their air rifle ammunition in bulk quantities. Buying pellets by the gross is the most cost effective way to do it. It is usually most economical to buy them in boxes of 1250 or more. Air rifle ammunition for both pellet guns and traditional BB guns come in these quantities. You can also purchase pellets in a wide variety of sizes and designs.

There are many different sizes and varieties of air rifle ammunition. You should always purchase the right ammo for your firearm or you risk giving your weapon a short lifespan. Popular pellets for airguns include wadcutter (flat nose), pointed (favorite of hunters), hollow point (also a hunting pellet), and round nose (good all-purpose ammo).

Popular air rifle ammunition and the varieties of pellets

Most pellets are made from steel or lead and then sometimes coated in copper. Your air rifle ammunition should be sized to fit in your gun. Airsoft pellets have a wider diameter and are made from plastic. There are airgun projectiles made from different kinds of metal as well. There are micro BBs, sabots, Diabolos, and others. Some enthusiasts even collect this ammo rather than the guns themselves.

Two popular manufacturers of air rifle ammunition are Gamo and Crosman, who both make the famous Copperhead BBs. Rifles that fire .22 caliber pellets are often preferred by hunters, but .177 is high enough if your gun rates a muzzle velocity of 1,000 feet per second or higher and you get within about 50 yards of the prey.

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