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The best ammo for airguns

Ammo for airguns varies, depending on what type of firearm you own. BB guns and airsoft guns require different kinds of ammo. BB guns demand a metal pellet (called a "BB"), while airsoft guns take a 6mm plastic pellet. You should always purchase ammo that is of a size that is compatible with your airguns. Most ammunition can also be purchased in bulk for a bargain rate.

Beeman, Crosman, and Gamo make excellent ammo for airguns. Gamo is a Spanish company that began specializing in pellet projectiles about sixty years ago. Their products are high quality and inexpensive. The company also manufactures air-powered firearms, and every airgun comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What you should look for in ammo for airguns

The first thing you should look at when purchasing ammo is the size of the pellet. It is essential that the diameter of the pellets match those of the airguns you own. You should buy respected name brands like Beeman, Gamo, or Crosman because these companies are masters of the craft.  You really can't go wrong using the best ammunition in your air guns.

The best deal on ammo is often that which costs you the least amount (but not always).  Even discount pellets and BBs are generally of good quality.  Just be careful not to use the same ammunition twice.  Airguns can be seriously damaged and even ruined if you do.  Even a pellet that appears perfect after being fired has small gouges and irregularities, and nothing can ruin the inside of a gun's barrel faster than shooting deformed projectiles.

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