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The ideal airrifle - good air guns don't have to break the bank

Selecting your ideal airrifle can take some time. Everyone looks for different things in air guns, and must select his or her rifle or pistol accordingly. Not only do you have to decide what caliber you would ideally like, but you also have to decide for what purpose you will use your airrifle. air guns meant for hunting are different from those meant for target shooting or plinking.

A lot of thought should go into selecting the caliber of your airrifle. Air guns usually vary in caliber from .175 to .25. If you are hunting, it's ideal to use a .22 caliber gun that produces a muzzle velocity of at least 800 fps (feet per second). For target shooting, a lower caliber is suitable.

The airrifle you choose doesn't have to be the cream of the air guns crop

Once you decide what caliber you are looking for in an airrifle, you then have to select a brand and a model that will fit your budget. Remember to set money aside for ammunition, a scope, a sling, shooting glasses, and other items if you want to accessorize. Air guns can be given many special add-on features, but they can cost you.

Some affordable starter airrifles include the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster and the Beeman Sportsman S500. The Pumpmaster has always been a great value (about $40), while the Beeman rifle gives you a top-of-the-line brand for only around $50. The Crosman airrifle features a pump-action cocking apparatus that charges the firing mechanism with compressed air.  The Sportsman S500 is easier to prepare for firing, using a break barrel cocking mechanism that loads a large metal spring, which propels the pellet.  It only requires one cock to be ready to go.

A high quality airrifle usually weighs more, but at the very top end the reverse is actually true.  Superior, professional grade air guns are often very lightweight.

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