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Airsoft AEG varieties and machine guns

Airsoft AEG firearms are some of the most popular weapons on the market today. Machine guns especially are bestsellers. You can buy them in full-size or miniature versions. You can get Airsoft AEG airguns that look like an AK-47, Uzi, M16, or any number of other military weapons. These electric machine guns are often used in team war games (similar to paintball).

AK-47 Airsoft AEG
AK-47 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun

Airsoft AEG weaponry is usually designed to mimic the look of the genuine versions of machine guns. For example, the Uzi airsoft gun from Tokyo Marui is an orange-tipped replica of a real Uzi. This firearm holds 80 rounds of .2g plastic BBs. It shoots them at up to 280 feet per second. This is one of the more expensive weapons at about $400, but it is all the rage among serious enthusiasts!

Airsoft AEG weaponry and the best machine guns

There is a wide variety of Airsoft AEG on the market, especially when it comes to machine guns. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $30-$500. The higher end models usually feature larger magazines so you can hold more ammunition. It is not unusual for these high capacity magazines to hold 200 pellets (or more). Thatís a lot of shots before reloading, even with a full-auto baby.

One popular manufacturer of Airsoft AEG firearms and machine guns is Tokyo Marui. This company makes firearms that imitate the look of AK-47s and M-16s, among others. These Japanese airguns are very well made, but can be pricey, so expect to spend some serious dollars.

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