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Choosing Air Soft Guns: Safer BBguns

Air soft guns have gained a significant amount of popularity since their introduction as bbguns for those wanting to practice shooting, but who also wanted a safer way to have fun firing a gun. Air soft guns have been around for more than 30 years and are considered the safest of all bbguns, primarily because they fire plastic BBs at lower velocities than traditional airguns.

Over the years, air soft guns have evolved toward designs that resemble authentic weapons. The manufacturers also are making the airguns now so that they shoot more accurately over longer distances. Although they are not toys, these bbguns are appropriate for younger children, as long as they use them with adult supervision and are taught the seriousness of following gun safety rules at all times.

Air soft guns can easily be considered the safest of all types of shooting products that use bursts of air to expel ammunition. These types of bbguns will not cause injury, unless of course they are not used properly. For example, if they are shot at close range at an individualís face, they will most definitely cause injury. Common sense must always be applied.

One significant reason you will want to consider air soft guns is their price. BBguns that fire lead or steel BBs are still popular, but the on-going cost for ammunition is considerably higher than for most plastic ammo airguns.

Air soft guns are relatively easy to learn to use safely. For this reason, children are often given one as their first gun. Nevertheless, until they are proficient and demonstrate a healthy respect for gun safety rules, no child should be given such a potentially harmful "toy" to use unsupervised.

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