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Airsoft Spring Guns - Good Choice for Beginners

Airsoft spring guns are the best choices for kids and others who are new to airsoft sports.  The reason is straightforward.  In most cases, spring-powered airsoft guns produce lower muzzle velocities, so the pellets they fire travel slower and are not as likely to cause damage as their electric or gas-powered counterparts.

In fact, many spring airsoft pistols are safe to shoot indoors.  They have a very limited range (up to 20 feet in most cases).  Because the pellets are made from plastic, airsoft guns powered by springs are very unlikely to damage objects (or people) unless fired maliciously at point-blank range or directly into the eyes, ears, nostrils, or other soft tissue areas.

How Spring-Powered Airsoft Guns Work

Spring airsoft pistols (the most common types) and some rifles operate by cocking or sliding a lever to both insert an individual pellet and load the spring by compressing it.  This action takes a bit of time and results in a very minimal per-minute firing rate.  This is why few serious airsoft gamers pack spring guns on the field during war games.  However, it is this very limitation that makes spring airsoft pistols ideal for beginners.  It helps teach proper respect for guns in general, while teaching kids the basic operation of pistols.

Keep in mind that, while spring airsoft pistols generally are the safest, their rifle cousins can be dangerous and should not be given to young children.  The spring and piston mechanisms on a larger airsoft gun are much more powerful and produce significantly higher gun muzzle velocities (the speed at which the BBs come out of the end of the gun).  They are primarily intended to be used by airsoft gamers for sniping enemy targets from hidden positions that typically do not take return fire.

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