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Cheap BB Guns Ė Usually a Bad Idea

Saving money by purchasing cheap BB guns is usually a bad idea.  A BB gun is not a toy, and it will most likely get some pretty heavy use (especially if youíre buying one for a child).  Unless you want to be right back in the store looking for a replacement gun, the better choice is to spend a bit more the first time and get a quality BB pistol or rifle. 

This is not to imply that cheap guns cannot be found that are of good quality.  In fact, there are several low-cost guns made by companies with terrific reputations in the BB gun world (Daisy and Crosman, for example).

The key if youíre buying a BB gun for a youth is to look for durability as the top priority, and the cheapness as a lower priority.  Kids are rough on air guns.  They leave them outside, open to the elements.  They toss them around carelessly (even if youíve taught them to be careful).  Itís just part of being a kid.  That makes a cheap gun a lot more expensive when you have to replace it a year later vs. paying a bit more up front for a BB gun that will last much longer.

When is Cheap a Good Idea?

So when would a truly cheap gun be a good idea?  Well, only you know your child best, and if you sense that his or her interest is only moderate, choosing from one of the cheaper BB guns might be a good call.  That way, if he tries it and quickly loses interest, you wonít be out so much money.

One final piece of advice:  if you shop around, you will find nice discounts on higher quality BB guns at certain times of the year.  Early spring is an especially good time to hunt for cheap air guns.  Vendors usually have full inventories and arenít selling as many guns, so you can pick up a real bargain on a quality BB pistol or rifle in April or May.

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