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Automatic BB Guns

If you’re looking for automatic BB guns that fire metal rounds, you have very few options for a fully automatic version (at least in the U.S.).  The very popular Drozd 'Bumble Bee' is the one everyone drools over.  This amazing automatic BB gun can fire up to 600 RPM, which means you can deplete the gun’s magazine (30 rounds max) in under five seconds!  It comes with a handy speed-loading device for quick reloading – a necessity with a BB gun that fires this fast.

Unfortunately, these Drozd BB guns are very hard to find in stock.  They get gobbled up about as quickly as any U.S. vendor can get their hands on them.  Such is the demand for a fully automatic traditional BB gun.  Here's a great place to buy one, though:

Drozd 'Bumble Bee' Automatic BB Gun

Airsoft is Your Best Bet for an Automatic BB Gun

Much easier to find are automatic airsoft BB guns.  Airsoft is the generic term for BB guns that fire plastic pellets instead of the metal rounds.  They were developed for the Asian market because bullet-firing guns are illegal in many Asian countries.  They made their way to the U.S. about 35 years ago and have grown in popularity a lot in recent years, supplanting paintball as the preferred team war game hobby.  Automatic airsoft guns are very popular among the ‘weekend warrior’ set because they allow the user to spray opponents with lots of BB’s very quickly, increasing the ‘kill’ rates.

AK-47 Airsoft AEG
AK-47 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun

One of the hallmarks of airsoft BB guns is their attention to detail.  They are often detailed replicas of real guns.  So gun collectors and movie makers often choose them for display or use in movie scenes involving gun battles, especially when automatic weapons need to be simulated.

Demand creates competition, and that has resulted in many manufacturers now offering semi- and fully automatic airsoft BB guns in the U.S. and worldwide.  If you’re looking to buy one of these safer guns online, we have many models and low prices.

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