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Air Soft: BB Guns For Those Wanting Safe Fun

Air soft guns have been in existence for more than three decades. While many weapons have been designed for people to use in serious situations (such as hunting), these BB guns were designed for recreational purposes. You can even practice shooting air soft pistols inside your home! This appeals to many people who are not interested in the heftier firepower of traditional BB guns.

Air soft shooting products have a very simple operation. These BB guns use short, quick bursts of air to expel plastic BBs at relatively low muzzle speeds. While much safer than traditional airguns, you should not consider this gun a toy. In fact, in most cases they cannot be purchased by anyone under the age of 18 (depending on your state’s laws).

Over the years, air soft popularity has expanded with the widespread technological advancements that have taken place everywhere. Asian manufacturers (like Tokyo Marui) have really come on strong, and their new BB guns are excellent shooting products. The weapons today are made with such fine attention to detail that they closely resemble actual firearms in many cases.

This is a double-edged sword, though, since it can cause potentially tragic consequences for police and other government agencies charged with protecting the public. For this reason, all air soft products are required by law to display a bright orange piece at the end of the barrel. This identifies these BB guns as "toys," not the real thing.

Those looking for relaxing recreation and young people just learning to use a firearm are not the only people who have jumped onto the air soft bandwagon. A new market for collectors of BB guns that are close replicas of the real thing has emerged, as well as for people in the movie industry who need authentic-looking arms.

Expect air soft to become an even more widespread hobby for shooters in the coming years.  With so much to recommend them, these safer, more economical BB guns should continue to grow in popularity throughout the world.

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