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Rifles vs. Air Guns: The Contest is Getting Closer

A lot of people who own traditional rifles are quick to make the claim that air guns are not professional weapons. While it may be true that powder rifles are used more by experienced shooters and hunters, there are good reasons that great numbers of people are buying air guns these days for the same uses.


Standard rifles are still more expensive than air guns, but are no longer so much more powerful and accurate. In fact, nowadays you can easily find an airgun that comes close to a rifle in terms of muzzle velocity for a third of the cost!

This has made a big impact on the market. Many shooting enthusiasts have made the switch from rifles to air guns just to save money. They rightly figure that it's worth the marginal loss of power and accuracy.

Power & Accuracy

While the accuracy of many rifles may still exceed that of most air guns, some of the latter are just as powerful. Itís amazing, but many of these compressed gas weapons are capable of expelling ammunition as fast as traditional explosive powder-fired arms. Moreover, newer barrel rifling techniques being employed in airguns have made them much more accurate at longer distances to the target.


Add to the picture the fact that traditional rifles are still generally less safe than air guns, because of the ammunition differences that affect impact patterns and depths. Gun safety and children are a big issue in these times, so air guns are becoming a more popular choice for hunters and recreational shooters with families.

In the end, standard rifles still hold the advantage over air guns in terms of accuracy, firepower, and feel. But the latter is definitely becoming a serious rival for the loyalties and bank accounts of many shooters.

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