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Airsoft BB Guns Ė Donít Overlook Basic Gun Safety Rules

While Airsoft BB guns are generally used for recreational purposes, they should still be considered potentially dangerous firearms. Gun safety is something you practice whenever you possess a weapon, even if it is considered a toy. Although some Airsoft BB guns have protective features built in, gun safety is something that is ultimately the responsibility of the shooter.

One of the first defensive measures you should take when using Airsoft BB guns is to protect your eyes. You can purchase shooting glasses at just about any shop that sells firearm accessories.  Just look or ask for their gun safety items.

When you wear the shooting glasses, make sure you keep them on the whole time you are firing Airsoft BB guns (or any other firearm). If you are in an area where others are doing so, wear them, even if youíre not currently firing! Stray ammo fragments have been known to cause serious eye damage. Gun safety is as much about what others around you are doing as it is about what youíre doing.

Itís unlikely that Airsoft BB guns will cause injury to you simply when a pellet grazes your skin. A point-blank shot being the exception, of course. But, itís still a good gun safety idea to wear shirts or blouses with long sleeves and pants instead of shorts.

Aside from accessories and clothing, there are other measures you should consider when firing Airsoft BB guns. If your model is equipped with a gun safety, keep it on at ALL times when the weapon is not being used. The best approach with any form of firearm, even one as relatively benign as this, is to be serious and keep your mind focused on staying safe.

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