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Why the CO2 Airgun is the Most Popular Design of BBGuns

There seems to be much confusion about how to classify an airgun. It is actually one type in the family of bbguns. You can buy an airgun in one of three types of bbguns, which are classified by how the gun expels the ammunition. The types consist of CO2, spring, and pneumatic. Of these types, CO2-firing weapons are the most popular.

The main reason the CO2 airgun is so popular is that, of all the types, it most closely resembles a “real” gun. Like the other two types, it follows the same basic structural design of an authentic gun. But the key difference is in the way it fires ammunition. The other two types of bbguns require the shooter to either pump or pull some lever on the weapon in order for it to shoot. The CO2 charged version allows you to shoot round after round until your ammo is spent, only stopping to cock the weapon in most cases. This gives this type of firearm a more realistic feel.

Another reason CO2 airguns are the favorites of many shooters is that they are easy bbguns to learn to operate. Since you don’t have to learn how to use a coil or pump the weapon to prepare to expel the ammo, you can get up to speed relatively quickly, even if you’re a novice.

The only downside of using an airgun with CO2 propulsion is that the effectiveness of the compressed air is heavily dependent on temperature. As the outside environment changes with the seasons, the power of bbguns that use compressed air also changes. This would probably not benefit a shooter who needed consistency, like a year-round hunter who lives in a temperate region.

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