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Airsoft Pistols - Great Way to Introduce Children to Gun Safety

Learning to use airsoft pistols can be an exciting and enjoyable experience for children, as long as itís carried out with gun safety rules in mind at all times.  Gauging the success of using airsoft pistols as a teaching tool is dependent on both the individual who is doing the teaching and on how the weapon fires. To learn gun safety, itís better if children have direct access to the weapons, under the proper adult supervision.

Some airsoft pistols look so much like real weapons that the law now requires that manufacturers add an orange band to the weapons they make to distinguish them from real firearms. These guns look like and have some of the same features as real weapons. This enables someone to point out these real features to children without using a more dangerous weapon.

Children can often become overzealous when they get excited. When this happens, accidents are very likely. This is why airsoft pistols are a particularly good choice in terms of gun safety. They fire plastic ammunition at a much lower muzzle velocity, so the risk of injury from accidents is greatly reduced. However, children should be taught to always wear safe clothing, such as shooting glasses and long sleeved, thick shirts and pants whenever theyíre using an airgun of any kind.

Another great feature of airsoft pistols that makes them a grand choice for instructing children on gun safety is that they are excellent for short-range target practice. Of course, you need to take precautions if you decide to fire them in a confined area, like your backyard or even in the house, so there is no risk of injuring others who might walk into your line of fire.

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