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Walther Guns and Proper Gun Safety

Walther guns have been on the market for over 100 years, and they've recently begun marketing impressive airguns as well. The makers of these weapons realize the importance of gun safety and design them to ensure that the shooter has a minimum to worry about when using their air pistols. However, you should not rely on the inherently superior qualities of Walther guns alone, should you purchase one. You should always take steps to practice good gun safety.

One important thing to remember when firing Walther guns is that you should never point the pistol at your own body or anyone else’s, even when you’re “certain” that the gun is not loaded. This is essentially the first step in all gun safety rules. If you practice this to the point that it becomes an ingrained habit, you will have mastered the most important part of being safe with handguns.

The triggers on Walther guns, or any brand for that matter, can easily slip and cause your air pistol to go off. For this reason, you should only have your finger on the trigger when you are prepared to shoot the weapon and are certain that no one else is at risk. If you leave your finger on the trigger, you could end up shooting yourself or someone else. It’s that simple.

Walther guns are excellent for target shooting. Their air pistols, like the James Bond PPK replica, are generally lightweight and are great for accuracy.  Many people practice with their weapon in their yard or a local field. If you do this, make sure when you set up your target that your first thought is of gun safety. Ensure that there is nothing behind it that you can injure or destroy with an errant shot. Small pets may be obscured from view, for example, or houses in a relatively close distance may have windows facing your line of fire.

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