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Types of Pistol Ammunition for Air Pistols

When people shop for pistol ammunition for air pistols, they basically have the choice between two types: BBs and pellets. The more versatile of the two is the pellet. You can use this type of pistol ammunition with virtually any of the air pistols available on the market. However, you will want to select a type of pellet that is appropriate to what you plan to do with the weapon. The four available kinds of pellets include the following: hollow point, wadcutter, round nose, and pointed.

If you want to use your weapon primarily for target shooting or for competition, wadcutter pistol ammunition should work best. Also called flatheads, these pellets easily penetrate paper targets. The flat shape of this ammunition makes for a less penetrating impact when shot from air pistols.

The round nose pistol ammunition is the most powerful of the four types of pellets. Its design enables it to be used for a variety of purposes. They work well for competition because you can quickly load them and they produce the best accuracy. You can also reach long distances with air pistols using these projectiles.

When your focus is on hunting, you want hollow point pistol ammunition. Hunters using air pistols need power. This type of ammo is designed to produce maximum carnage inside the small game it hits. Even shots that donít hit in a vital area will still kill the animal, in many cases. Pointed pellets work well with hunting also, providing deeper penetration from lower velocities. But they do require excellent aim, as they produce relatively little internal damage.

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