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Kinds of Chinese Air Rifles You Can Buy From Gun Dealers

Chinese air rifles, like the AK-47, are made with good quality parts and are available at a number of gun dealers that offer a choice of styles. You have your choice of three styles of Chinese air rifles: the side-lever, under-barrel-lever, and break-barrel models. In general, gun dealers offer great prices on these weapons.

The Chinese air rifles that you cock using a side lever are of the lowest quality.  The craftsmanship is good, but the level of shooting that you will obtain will not be anything to write home about. Although you will be able to shoot with some distance, the power just isnít there with this style of weapon. Gun dealers offer these types of firearms at very cheap prices.

If you want an easy-to-use and accurate weapon, Chinese air rifles with a cocking lever under the barrel will work for you. This kind of weapon usually just requires you to cock the lever once between shots. Many gun dealers who sell this type of weapon offer pellets with the firearm, but you should check to see if they will work best with the type of shooting you will be doing.

Although they tend to be very accurate, Chinese air rifles that require you to break the barrel to cock it can be difficult to use. It takes some skill to maneuver the weapon so that you can both cock it and add the pellet. You can find these weapons and a variety of accessories for them at a number of gun dealers.

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