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Fake Guns and the People Who Give the Replica Gun a Bad Name

Fake guns are everywhere. When people want a weapon that closely resembles a real gun, they often select a replica gun. While there are numerous people who purchase fake guns for respectable purposes, such as to use when practicing target shooting or to participate in airgun competitions, there are a number of people who want a replica gun for the sole purpose of doing wrong. And it is these situations that threaten the banning of recreational weapons.

Fake guns have become the greatest menace to law enforcement officers. Itís bad enough they have to worry that people may have a weapon, but now they have to wonder if itís real or not. In situations where a person has a replica gun and they are threatening other people with harm, police have no choice but to take action.

Terrorism is at an all-time high. It doesnít seem likely, but in actuality, these individuals often use fake guns to threaten people. You have to register real guns, after all. Individuals or groups that want to terrorize people choose a replica gun because it looks so much like the real thing and because prison sentences are often not as harsh if the perpetrator only had an airgun.

People often use fake guns to commit crimes such as robbery or carjacking. These situations can be frightening for the victim, of course, who canít tell if the weapon being pointed in their face is real or not. It has become a classic ďone bad apple spoils the bunchĒ syndrome for those who purchase a replica gun for legitimate purposes. This is unfortunate, but probably unavoidable.

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