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Beeman Airguns: Cream of the Crop

Beeman airguns are some of the finest precision adult guns made, bar none.  Even their most modest shooting products boast exquisite structural detail and craftsmanship.  And Beeman doesn’t just make airguns.  They offer a full line of scopes, pellets, targets, accessories, and more – all of the highest quality available anywhere.

Some Beeman Airguns and Accessories That Stand Out

Air Rifle: Beeman R1

This air rifle is truly an awesome product! One of the first to exceed the 1000 fps (feet per second) muzzle velocity barrier, Beeman rightly brags about this as one of the best “workhorse” airguns in existence. It comes in .177, .20, and .22 caliber versions, and a shorter barrel, carbine model can be obtained in .177 and .20 calibers. And talk about POWER!

Air Pistol: Beeman P3

This air pistol is a remarkable leap ahead.  Beeman has married top-grade steel parts and space-age polymers to create with these airguns a lightweight, powerful, technically superior handgun. It uses a pneumatic power plant, which fires .177 caliber pellets at a respectable 410 fps. And it weighs less than 2 pounds!

Beeman Pellets

Beeman offers a full line of pellets for airguns, from economical models for weekend warriors and novices, to top-of-the-line precision ammunition designed for the best competition shooters in the world. A standout is Beeman Tropy Lightweight Round Nose pellets, which were the first hollow point pellets ever made, and remains today one of the most popular among amateur shooters.

Beeman Scopes

Beeman offers several high quality scopes for its airguns. Reasonably priced, these are some truly outstanding optics. The company teamed up with Bushnell (of binocular fame) to produce practical, field-tested scopes that are both durable and provide crystal clear imaging.  In particular, the Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 4-12x40 Scope is a standout among standouts.

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