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Learning to Hunt? Try a Pellet Rifle - Air Guns Offer Many Advantages

If you are just becoming interested in hunting and youíre not sure which type of weapon to purchase, a pellet rifle offers many benefits. Air guns like these are designed in a similar fashion as standard bullet-firing rifles, but are safer. A pellet rifle is also considerably cheaper, in both itself and the ammunition it fires. If you or your child is just getting started, air guns will give you the feel of being a hunter without as much danger or cost.

When choosing a pellet rifle for hunting, keep in mind a few important points. First, understand that not all air guns are made for hunters. Muzzle velocities vary widely, and only the moderate-to-high projectile speeds will kill small game.

In addition, youíll want to choose a pellet rifle that either comes with or has the mount for a riflescope. Even if you donít think youíll need one at first, most hunters who use air guns eventually end up using a scope, so think ahead. It can be very expensive to have the mount added later (if itís possible at all with your particular gun).

Finally, look for a pellet rifle that can shoot different sizes of ammunition. Most of these air guns will fire .177 caliber pellets, but many hunters like using .20 and .22 rounds for some types of small game. Options are good!

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