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Softair Guns: The Original Airsoft Weapons

Just 30 years ago or so, softair guns were introduced in the US as recreational weapons. The main selling point for these firearms was how closely they resembled non-recreational weapons. These early versions of airsoft shooters were not very popular but did shine some light in the recreational weapons industry. There are a number of reasons why the softair guns did not achieve the success of current airsoft weapons.

When Daisy introduced softair guns, they marketed them to folks who were interested in using the weapons for recreational purposes. Nowadays, those who want to play military-style games or just want to practice target shooting use airsoft firearms. It is hard to say whether the original form of these weapons have changed their history, but it is a big issue.

Another reason softair guns were probably not successful is because they  were originally made with parts and materials that made them unsuitable for advanced users. People who use these weapons for recreational purposes donít require the velocity that hunters and target shooters need. Airsoft weapons that are made today are more durable and accurate.

The types of softair guns Daisy introduced were semi-automatics, pistols, and shotguns. This limited assortment of styles may have played a part in these airsoft weapons being so short-lived. They have more specialized uses, while rifles are more popular replica guns today.

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