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For Kids: How to make the most of your Daisy BB gun with the proper shooting targets

Every young marksman has longed for a Daisy BB gun since the company began manufacturing the weapons in 1886. Shooting targets for these air-powered weapons are as diverse as aluminum cans and cardboard cutouts. Those who use their Daisy BB gun responsibly take the utmost precaution in choosing their shooting targets.

A Daisy BB gun, although manufactured primarily for a youth, is not a toy. Shooting targets for this air-powered weapon should never be another person. Many children and young adults use cardboard bulls-eyes  or a BB trap for target practice. It is always a good idea to back up your bullseye with a larger piece of cardboard, foam or something similar to stop the BB if you accidentally overshoot.

A Daisy BB gun and setting up your shooting targets

Before shooting your Daisy BB gun you should situate your shooting targets between ten and thirty feet away from where you will be firing the weapon. Make sure that there is nothing harmful that the BB could hit if you accidentally overshoot. Install a backdrop like a cardboard box behind the object you’re aiming for just in case. Do not use any object off of which a bullet could ricochet. This puts you and everyone around you at risk.

Before you fire your Daisy BB gun, make sure that you first get an adult to show you how it operates. Once you have mastered the mechanism then you are ready to start shooting targets. Make sure that there is no one in front of you before you fire the airgun.

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