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Airsoft sniper rifle + ammunition = dangerous (looking) weapon

Just the words Airsoft sniper rifle sound intimidating. When you pair this weapon with ammunition you have a threatening weapon on your hands - at least it LOOKS that way. An airsoft sniper rifle is made to look exactly like its real counterpart. Of course the weight distribution, shooting mechanism, and ammunition are different, but to an untrained eye, this gun appears lethal. By law, these airguns must have a bright orange indicator around the barrel opening to show the public that it does not shoot real bullets. However, to someone who doesn't know this fact, it's small comfort if you point the rifle at him or her.  So don't.  Ever.

An airsoft sniper rifle and how to get the most out of your ammunition

An airsoft sniper rifle requires the standard 6mm plastic pellets used in other air guns of the same variety. This ammunition is usually purchased cheaply in bulk packs of about 5,000 a box. Unlike regular bb pellets, these pellets can be used safely more than once. All in all you are typically going to pay about $.01 per shot. When you purchase the BBs, make sure that you also buy a speed loader so you can load your magazine quickly and accurately. This is usually more important for rapid-fire airsoft machine guns, but can come in handy with a single-shot gun as well.

It is hard to stress enough the importance of keeping your airsoft sniper rifle in protected areas. Different areas of the country have been terrorized by sharpshooters, and many people are still highly nervous about the sniper risk. Even though this plastic ammunition is innocuous when compared with real bullets, the shooter can easily be targeted by an armed police officer as a threat to the public if he or she dares take the gun out of a safe area. Never use it in public (other than during a team event in an approved setting).

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