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A BB machine gun is just pure fun!

Many youths who want to take the air weapon game to the next level will purchase a BB machine gun. These airguns are unrivalled among all bbguns for being fearsome. They are rapid-fire weapons that often look exactly like real models of the firearm and they can be mistaken easily for the genuine thing. An airsoft BB machine gun, using plastic pellets, is often used for “war games” where real, metal ammo bbguns could be an extreme safety hazard.

A BB machine gun, unlike most other bbguns, does not have much practical use in target practice (other than being able to take out a row of tin cans at close range in about 5 seconds!). This airgun is typically only used for recreational activities like war games, and then only in the safer airsoft version. Because paintball guns can be expensive, many recreational shooters opt for these airguns instead.

An airsoft BB machine gun - unrivalled among all bbguns for war games

An airsoft BB machine gun is one of the most sought after bbguns for playing war games. These games are often played in a privately owned forested area between two teams. The game usually centers on 'capture the flag' or sometimes even a full-fledged "war." Participants run around in thick clothing and protective masks and shooting glasses with their weapons, looking the full part of men or women in combat.

Even though an airsoft BB machine gun is not a weapon in the truest sense, it can still be a threat. If you are using one of these bbguns in a war game, never once pause and take off your protective glasses, even if you get hit and are out of the game. Ricochets are common, and the last thing you want is a nasty eye or ear injury once you're already out of the action.

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