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The popularity of Daisy BB guns at sporting goods stores

Because Daisy BB guns are so popular, they are also prolific across the country. For a full list of sporting goods stores that stock the brand, you can check out their website, but suffice it to say here that you would be hard pressed to find a shop that didn’t stock them. You can find Daisy BB guns at Wal Mart, most all-purpose sporting goods stores, some fishing stores, and many online venues (see our recommended online merchants to your left).

Daisy BB guns were invented by a windmill factory in the 19th Century. After the company realized that they had a bestseller on their hands, they stopped selling windmills and began concentrating solely on the air rifles. The brand reportedly got its name when one of the airguns was used and the man who fired it exclaimed, “Whew. That’s a daisy.”

You can find most kinds of Daisy BB guns and ammunition at sporting goods stores all over the country. At places like Wal Mart, these guns are usually kept in glass cases to prevent theft. The company sells everything from youth firearms to high-powered airguns for adults.

Daisy BB guns have also teamed up with famous powder rifle manufacturer Winchester to create a line of powerful air rifles. This partnership did not happen until 2001, but it has proven to be lucrative. These guns are available at sporting goods stores (online or offline) for between $90 and $180. They are beautifully crafted and worth the price.

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