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Beeman air rifles and pellet guns

Beeman air rifles are very trusted products if you are in the market for pellet guns. These high performance firearms are a well-made, perennial American favorite. Beeman air rifles are made for more advanced shooters. They are often used in competitions and can be a bit pricey (but well worth every penny!). The company even sponsors a team of employees who go around the world competing with their pellet guns.

Beeman air rifles are some of the premier adult pellet guns in the world. The brand tries to dominate the particular market by always coming up with innovative designs and improving the quality of their existing firearms. The company provides a wide product line for a diverse range of people, running the gamut from recreational shooters to professional competition participants who make their livelihoods from these precision airguns.

Specialty Beeman air rifles and high quality pellet guns

There are many specialty Beeman air rifles, but one of the most popular these days with amateurs and professionals alike is the R9, also known as the HQ95. It is reasonably priced, long lasting, accurate, and extremely well made. If you purchase one of these airguns and then add a scope to boot, you will be unstoppable on the range and outshine all the other pellet guns.

Beeman air rifles like the R9 are magnum performers and are comparable to many other higher priced pellet guns. It is an extremely powerful and accurate break barrel airgun. It is highly recommended.

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