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Airsoft safety and cautionary tips for all BB guns

Although the rules for Airsoft safety vary from those of typical BB guns, there are many overlaps. You should take almost the same precautions with any firearm, whether it is a true assault weapon, an air rifle, or a gas-powered handgun. Airsoft safety starts the minute it comes out of the box or off the rack. You need to learn how the gun works and how to handle it long before you attempt to shoot it. BB guns are fun and recreational but they can also be dangerous and should be used with caution.

Airsoft safety begins with keeping the weapon in a safe place where it cannot be accessed by younger children. If you are under 16 years of age or younger, you should have adult supervision the first few times you go out shooting. As with all BB guns, do not load the airgun until you are actually ready to shoot it.

Airsoft safety tips and the risks of BB guns

Airsoft safety is important, even though this airgunís ammunition is made up of plastic pellets. Accidents can always happen, especially when the ammo is fired at up to 400 fps (feet per second). Whenever you go out with BB guns and plan to shoot, wear protective shooting glasses. You should also avoid shooting near any object that could cause the pellet to ricochet back and hit you or someone else.

Airsoft safety needs to be stressed, but not quite as much as the dangers that regular BB guns can pose. These weapons shoot genuine metal pellets that are basically miniature bullets. They can be harmful, even lethal on some occasions, and should be treated with appropriate seriousness.

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