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Steyr rifles and professional air guns

Steyr rifles are high quality, professional air guns imported from abroad.  These firearms are expensive and beautifully made. They resemble the most advanced assault weapons in the world. Steyr rifles are not a boy’s first Daisy. These are not air guns for the naïve hobbyist; they are designed for the devoted professional shooter.

Steyr rifles are for those people who take shooting air guns very seriously. They might compete in contests or travel around the world to meet other enthusiasts. The brand’s models look intimidating, to say the least. The popular and versatile LG100 line has yellow and black tiger stripes.

LG100 Steyr rifles and other popular air guns

Steyr LG100

Steyr rifles such as the LG100 are easily disassembled into three different parts so they can be traveled with easily. All of the weapon’s components are fully adjustable. This means that a left-handed person can easily adapt one of these air guns to make his stance comfortable.

The LG100 Steyr rifle combines low barrel vibration with a smooth shot release. This is due to the fact that there is a shock reducing mechanism built directly into the firearm. Not many air guns can brag about this feature. The pellet leaves the gun barrel at exactly the zero point of vibration. The LG100 model of this product line is the most advanced, but you can also purchase versions such as the Junior, the Aufgelegt, and the Field Target. All of these models are fully adjustable down to the trigger.

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