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BB pistols and the most sought after bbguns

Many people like to purchase BB pistols because they look so much like real guns. In our fully loaded culture, many people only want bbguns because they appear to be the genuine article. Some people even paint over the required orange add-on at the tip of the airsoft muzzle so their airguns cannot be distinguished from the real thing at all, except with the help of an expert. *NOTE: this is illegal and should not be done! BB pistols have grown up a lot over the past few decades, becoming more sophisticated and realistic. BBguns in general have come a long way since Daisy first put them on the market.

Most companies that originally manufactured just air rifles now make BB pistols. They are in high demand and they are top-selling bbguns. They are light, transportable, and mimic the appearance and actions of real handguns. The only way you can tell if many of these weapons are real or not (besides shooting them or looking closely) is by lifting them and feeling their weight distribution. Actual handguns usually weigh considerably more.

BB pistols may not be your best choice for bbguns

There are many reasons why BB pistols are more dangerous than regular bbguns and air rifles. These airguns can be easily concealed and mistaken for the real thing. This deception will get you into trouble if you are caught by law enforcement or someone with a genuine weapon who is prepared to use it in self-defense. Parents should probably disallow younger kids from owning one.

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