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CO2 pistols and current trends in air guns

CO2 pistols are the latest in BB gun trends. These air guns yield a clean and powerful shot and are fairly easy to use. This makes them a natural draw for airsoft war gamers and target shooters who want a faster firing option. CO2 pistols and rifles work by releasing gas that is pre-compressed and stored in cylinders attached to or inside the air guns. When you pull the trigger, the gas is released violently, pushing the projectile down the barrel.

CO2 pistols and the way gas air guns work

CO2 pistols work just like other air guns, by forcing air down a chamber behind a projectile. However there is one key difference. The weapons powered by compressed gas are typically semi-automatic (meaning they donít have to be pumped before every shot) and many provide blow-back action. Blow-back is the kick or recoil you feel when firing a regular handgun, while the semi-automatic feature makes rapid firing possible.

Some CO2 pistols can be seriously affected by cold temperatures. If the compressed gas cylinders are attached on the outside or are not well insulated inside, you will definitely notice a diminished muzzle velocity and distance when it's cold out. A good tip is to ask before you consider any gas-powered air guns if that particular model has a known history of such a problem.

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