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Airsoft shotguns and the ins and outs of gun safety

Airsoft shotguns are typically safer than other pellet rifles, but there are still many rules of gun safety that you must follow with one of these weapons. Even though the ammunition for airsoft shotguns cannot usually pierce one’s skin, it can still do damage to eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Gun safety rules should be followed with these models just as they should for any other weapon.

Airsoft shotguns are safer than regular BB guns and rifles because they are loaded with a larger, 6mm plastic pellet rather than the smaller metal BBs. The ammunition is also much lighter and does not have the velocity of a normal round. Still, following basic common sense gun safety rules is important. Don't aim the airgun (loaded or unloaded) at anyone.  Never look into the barrel for any reason. And keep it safely out of the reach of young kids.

Airsoft shotguns are mostly about swagger and intimidation among the war gamers crowd. They have a short range of accuracy and can't do much damage for your team unless you find yourself in close quarters. But they look cool and give the shooter a sense of cockiness!

Although many recreational shooters addicted to war games more and more prefer electric machine gun styles because they can spray a wide target area quickly, airsoft shotguns are still used pretty frequently. Gun safety rules for these staged combat games are mandatory and include the wearing of thick clothes, shooting glasses, and even masks.

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