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Redwolf airsoft and mainstream BB guns

Redwolf airsoft guns are Hong Kong-based products that the company began manufacturing in 1999. These plastic pellet BB guns are meant to be used in team sporting events, as war gamers are moving from paintball into this newer sport. Redwolf airsoft weapons are designed to look exactly like their real-life counterparts. In places like Japan, where regular firearms are illegal, these specialty BB guns are commonly collected and shot.

Redwolf airsoft weapons come in almost as many shapes and models as real firearms. They look and often feel like the genuine thing, but are not nearly as dangerous. In fact, unlike the metal ammunition that goes into regular BB guns and can easily pierce skin, the ammo for the Redwolf versions is made out of plastic and the pellets are larger (6mm) and slower. These airguns can be modified to cause damage, but they are usually safe (unless shot at an orifice at close range).

Redwolf airsoft - what about laws on importing BB guns?

Many Redwolf airsoft pistols and rifles are so realistic that they can easily be mistaken for the real thing. Traditional and well-known gun manufacturers even lend their names to these air-powered BB guns in order to make money in places where real firearms are illegal. The company does import its models to places where  airguns are popular, like the United States. However, they carefully conform to U.S. law, which states that every airsoft gun must have a red or orange barrel tip to distinguish it from the gun it mimics.

Redwolf airsoft is not technically in competition with traditional BB guns because they are two completely different types of weapons. They've found a niche that is growing annually, as this airgun sport slowly displaces the more expensive and dangerous paintball team war games.

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