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The origin of beebee guns and the Daisy brand

Beebee guns have been around for over one hundred years, and the Daisy company was one of the early pioneers. The brand name is one of the best known in the beebee guns market. The Daisy name seems to be synonymous with old-fashioned, high quality engineering and their products certainly bear witness to that. They continue to make the top-selling airguns in the United States.

Beebee guns were originally made to teach children about hunting. In the 19th century, many Americans still hunted for their food. Indeed many people still do today. Daisy airguns and rifles taught young boys and girls how to handle firearms without making them learn with something that might kill them.

Beebee guns are now primarily used for recreation, although they are still good educational tools for families that are active in firearms. They are an excellent way to teach kids gun safety without exposing them to all the dangers of real weapons. That being said, even air rifles and air pistols can do a lot of damage. They should never be considered toys. A Daisy is still a gun, albeit a less powerful one firing less damaging ammunition.

Beebee guns are also used to keep people in practice for hunting season. When you are not allowed to go out and fire at animals, you can use a Daisy in the privacy of your own backyard to practice on targets.

Without a doubt, shooting beebee guns will continue to be a popular outdoor sport, as well as a good gun safety teaching aid for kids. Chances are, Daisy will be around to fill that need with quality, affordable airguns.

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