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Gun scopes and other shooting supplies

Gun scopes are a 'must have' for many airgun shooters, especially hunters. These magnifiers are usually sold separately from the firearm itself and are part of the large, connected market of shooting supplies. They can range from about $50 to several hundred dollars. Gun scopes can often be bought for regular firearms (the ones that shoot bullets) and used with pellet rifles as well, if they share the same types of mounts. Most shooting supplies stores will carry scopes for many kinds of guns.

Gun scopes come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them are standardized to fit most regular firearms and many airgun mimics of those weapons. A great scope is an essential part of every professional shooter’s collection of shooting supplies.

Gun scopes for the shooting supplies novice

If you are just beginning to get into the sport, then you will probably not find gun scopes necessary for your new airgun. Stick with basic shooting supplies (ammunition, carrying case, shooting glasses, maybe a speed loader). A scope is a nice addition later, but for novices it's usually overkill until they learn the basics.

Gun scopes can range widely in price, but recently there have been inexpensive models made by Bushnell and others that are high quality and won’t break the bank. Before you go out to buy shooting supplies, do some research online and find out what the latest technical reviews are. You can never be too prepared when you’re throwing down a few hundred dollars.

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