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Airgun designs and genuine-looking pellet guns

Many airgun designs are meant to mimic the appearance of real weapons. Airsoft in particular, in contrast with most pellet guns, can fool everyone but the experts in their resemblance to lethal firearms. Airgun designs usually seek to get as close as possible to the real thing. Many airsoft guns, for example, would be interchangeable in appearance with the original weapon being imitated, if it wasn’t for the mandatory bright orange barrel cap.

Airgun designs come in many different varieties. There is the ever-popular handgun, the war game machine gun, and the hunting rifle, among others. Some of these pellet guns are obvious as airsoft or other kinds of BB guns, but others are meant to mimic the appearance of the genuine article.

Popular airgun designs and what these pellet guns are good for

Usually, when someone is first purchasing an air-powered gun, the choice is between two favorite airgun designs: the rifle and the pistol. When purchasing one of the pellet guns with a rifle design, you have to take many different things into account. The weapon’s caliber, muzzle velocity, magazine capacity, and cocking action are all important elements in your decision. However, many people buy a weapon simply on the basis of style alone (i.e., what the body looks like and what it is made out of). Kids are the most susceptible to this, so parents have to help guide their children by learning the basics themselves.

The other of the two perennial favorite airgun designs is the pistol. These pellet guns can range in style from classic replicas to more modern laser-sighted varieties. Often, these weapons are purchased for their good looks rather than their functional abilities. Just be sure you know the differences between one and the next in terms of capabilities, so you don't end up disappointed with your purchase after you get it home and start shooting.

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