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Pellet pistols - two kinds of air gun

'Pellet pistols' is an all-inclusive term which defines airsoft guns as well as metal bbguns. An air gun pistol can either have a wider barrel with a bright orange barrel tip, and shoot 6mm, plastic projectiles (airsoft); or it can have a narrower barrel and fire smaller, metallic BBs. The former pellet pistols are usually used for recreational purposes like war games and target shooting, while the latter air gun is usually used for plinking.

Both kinds of pellet pistols are great for their particular purpose. Airsoft weapons are usually employed by those who already know how to shoot and are into team war games, similar to paintball. Those who get a traditional BB air gun are usually beginners who are learning about hunting and gun safety. However, these are just generalizations and are certainly not true for every owner.

When you are purchasing pellet pistols, there are many things you need to take into account. These weapons can run the gamut from cheaply made designs for dilettantes, to hundreds of dollars' worth of performance and accessories. An air gun can basically be as simple or as exotic as you please or can afford.

Different pellet pistols are built for different purposes. Before you purchase any air gun, make sure you research muzzle velocities, accuracy, caliber, and power plant options (pneumatic pump, gas, or spring-powered). Buyer's remorse is a common complaint, especially among new shooters. Some thoughtful research before you head off to buy a rifle or pistol can help you avoid feeling like you made a mistake later on.

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