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Modern air guns and specialized bbguns

The market for air guns in the United States and worldwide is increasing every year, and with that higher demand comes more specialized bbguns. Your options are no longer limited to the run-of-the-mill air guns that your father or grandfather used. Nowadays, bbguns are available in all shapes and sizes and are made by some of the most prestigious weapons manufacturers in the world, including Winchester, Walther, and Smith & Wesson.

Manufacturers of air guns and historic rifles have joined forces to create impressive, unique bbguns. For instance, Daisy and Winchester have teamed up to make the beautiful and inexpensive 1894 Rifle, which is a .177 caliber replica of the famous 19th century "Wild West" rifle.

Air guns and bbguns are not just for youths anymore

Air guns and bbguns have evolved over the decades to be more than just replicas of real weapons. Many are now engineering marvels in their own rights. For instance, the Remington Genesis, a much anticipated airgun that is now available, has a unique design that features high-tech ergonomics. Best of all, it will be modestly priced at $190-$230.

Air guns these days also have features that real weapons donít. For instance, the Crosman Backpacker series bbguns boast a look that is truly unique. These weapons have a detachable rifle stock, and in the case of the 2250XT, an innovative AirSource power system, featuring an easily replaced external power cartridge that produces serious muzzle velocity with a heavier .22 caliber pellet.

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Crosman AirSource 2250XT

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