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Crosman collaborations - specialized BB guns

The Crosman company is known for its Signature Series of BB guns. These airguns are designed in a partnership between Crosman and many famous and historical manufacturers of genuine arms and ammunition. To make these sophisticated BB guns, the company collaborates with prestigious gun designers like Winchester, Remington, Colt, Benjamin, Beretta, Logun, Walther, Sheridan, and Smith & Wesson.

Crosman and these firearm makers team up to create BB guns that are both high performance airguns and beautifully designed collector’s items. For instance, the Smith & Wesson Co2 revolver is made in polished blue steel and looks handsome enough to keep in a case. It even has a ten shot rotary clip that swings out for loading. It mimics the .357 magnum revolver to a 'T,' even though it's actually a .177 caliber airgun.

Crosman has also collaborated with Colt to create a unique series of revolver style BB guns. For instance, the Government 1911 A1 air revolver is modeled after the Colt Government sidearm that was used during WWI. Its detailed grip and firing mechanism give it the look and feel of the real thing. It has an eight-shot clip and only weighs 2.6 pounds.


Crosman 1377 American Classic

Walther and Crosman have created the PPK series - a very professional-looking line of BB guns meant to mimic the famous James Bond 007 handgun. These airguns come with optional features like authentic blow back action and laser target locators.

Crosman embarked on this strategy because the demand for realistic replicas of famous firearms has risen sharply in recent years. Many collectors have been clamoring for just these kinds of airguns, which are much cheaper and obviously safer, and can be displayed as the real thing.

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