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Firing an air rifle - the benefits of using shooting glasses

Air Rifle Shooting Glasses

Silencio Air Rifle Shooting Glasses

Everyone has heard the safety tip about wearing protective eyewear when firing an air rifle, but what kind of shooting glasses should you buy to prevent an accident? There are many different types and styles of this eye gear, built to save your eyeballs from penetration from a BB or pellet. An air rifle, even though it is not as powerful as a real gun, has still been known to cause permanent damage to the eyes. For this reason, one should always wear shooting glasses when in proximity to any airgun firing.

The famous poet Alice Walker was maimed in the eye by her brotherís air rifle when she was just a young girl. If she had been wearing shooting glasses, this horrible tragedy would have been prevented. Countless others have been blinded or severely injured by BBs to the eye. Protective eyewear is the only way to ensure these accidents do not happen.

All professional air rifle enthusiasts wear shooting glasses. This eyewear can vary in style and design, however, so you have the privilege of shopping around before you decide on the right pair for you. Most gun manufacturers even carry their own lines of protective eyewear. These lines range widely in terms of price, with features such as interchangeable, shaded lenses.

When selecting the right pair of protective lenses to use when firing your air rifle, make sure the shooting glasses protect you laterally as well as from the front. This means that you should choose shades that wrap around and protect the sides of your eyes. Goggles are another option, although admittedly less comfortable.

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