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Guns and the essentials of gun safety

People should never fire air guns before learning the essentials of gun safety. The result could be tragic. Many people underestimate the danger of airguns, simply because they are of a lower caliber and shoot comparatively less powerful projectiles. However, the same gun safety rules apply to these weapons as to full-powered weapons that fire bullets.

The first rule that applies to all guns, no matter what kind of ammunition they use or their power, is to treat them as if they are loaded at all times. This means that you should never point and pretend to shoot a weapon that you think has an empty chamber. This is one of the fundamentals of gun safety and can prevent tragic accidents. Every year, several news reports detail this sad, easily preventable accident.

Pellet guns and gun safety rules

Pellet guns should always be used with caution in every way. Beyond acting as though the airgun is loaded at all times, you should also wear protective glasses when shooting and postpone loading the weapon until you are actually on the firing line or in the field. Gun safety is a prerequisite before you even pick up an air rifle or pistol.

Guns should always be treated with the utmost respect. Common sense must always prevail. Most people do respect gun safety, which is why so few accidents happen. But shooting safely involves more than just the airgun itself. When you are target shooting, remember the basic rules that apply to your targets. Ensure that a pellet cannot ricochet off your target and cause damage to you or a bystander. Make sure also that the target has a backstop, such as foam or cardboard, in case you overshoot or fire through it. Take stock of your immediate surroundings and imagine all the potential hazards you may inadvertently create.

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