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Popular shooting targets for air pistols

There is a wide variety of shooting targets available for training with air pistols. The better shooting targets take safety into account, first and foremost. Air pistols, although less powerful than real guns, can do permanent damage if used improperly. This is why the proper bulls-eyes are crucial for perfecting one’s aim.

Popular impromptu shooting targets for air pistols include cardboard, aluminum cans, and foam. The important thing you need to remember when selecting a destination for your BB or airsoft pellet is not to use anything that could cause a ricochet. This means that you should not use a material, like metal or hard wood, that a pellet could potentially bounce off of, sending it back towards the shooter or a bystander.

When selecting shooting targets for practicing with air pistols, not only should you take ricochet into account but also overshooting. Look behind your chosen bulls-eye and surrounding target areas. Is there anything behind this hotspot that might suffer damage from you overshooting? If so, you need to either move your set-up or install a backstop to prevent damage when you inevitably miss or the ammo punches through and out the other side.

More advanced air gun enthusiasts often use paper or gel shooting targets.  If you buy any of the paper types for use with air pistols, pay particular attention to your backstop, as 100% of the BBs will pass through and continue on. Gel targets are a great invention, and well worth the extra cost. They don't allow the projectile to pass through, and they also don't cause any impact damage to the BB.

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