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Popular target shooting methods for airsoft guns

Target shooting is one of the favorite pastimes for shooters of airsoft guns. Because the plastic pellets they fire are less damaging, these airguns are ideal for sharp-shooting or sniper practice virtually anywhere. Many enthusiasts of the sport practice target shooting with their airsoft guns in their garages, backyards, even inside the house!

You read correctly - many enthusiasts practice honing their target shooting skills in the comfort of their own homes. This does not mean that they are reckless at all. They still use their airsoft guns with the utmost caution and respect. However, because experienced shooters can be reasonably certain of hitting the targets each time, they can take the minor risk of hitting a window or piece of furniture. Even if a mishap does occur, little or no damage will result because the gun fires at a relatively low velocity and the plastic pellets impact with very little energy.

Target shooting materials and environments for airsoft guns

Even though it is relatively safe to practice target shooting indoors, many shooters still like to fire their airsoft guns in real-life outdoor settings. This gives them a chance to shoot in an environment that closely mimics the kinds of conditions they'll face during team war games or in skill competitions. They can hone their skills in various weather, wind, and sun conditions.

Popular target shooting materials for practicing aim with an airsoft gun include cardboard or styrofoam homemade targets, or store-bought paper or gel bulls-eyes. You can even set up a moving target by using a clothesline and a helper. Just stretch a clothesline across two points, attach your cardboard or paper bulls-eye with a clothes pin, and get a friend to pull it down the line with a pole or string while you shoot. Have them vary the speed until you can hit the target at least 50% of the time at many different speeds.

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