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Soft air guns and the best airsoft choices

Soft air guns are one of the largest (and expanding) airgun markets internationally. In order to make intelligent airsoft purchasing choices, there are a few things you must take into account. First off, do you want a gas, electric, or spring gun? Secondly, do you prefer soft air guns that are of a pistol, rifle, or military design? Finally, what are you going to use the airgun for - war games, target shooting, collecting?

Soft air guns are safer than their traditional BB gun brethren because they are loaded with 6mm plastic pellets that travel at slower velocities than metal BBs. This added safety has made airsoft a growing choice among former paintball and pellet gun enthusiasts.

Why are soft air guns so popular?

There is a wide variety of soft air guns on the market today. Two of the most popular airsoft firearms are the M-5 and M-16 military rifles, especially among team war gamers. These firearms look genuine and intimidating and can be mistaken for the real thing by non-experts. Companies like Tokyo Marui are famous for producing airguns that are so realistic, even serious gun collectors have taken to displaying them.

Most people prefer soft air guns that are made of materials that simulate regular firearms. For instance, brushed nickel barrels and copper plating are popular. Basically, the closer an airsoft gun looks to the real thing, the more people like it. This general rule extends to accessories such as rifle scopes and weapon belts. Even though these "toy" guns do not fire real bullets, they are pretty close imitators of those that do in every other way.

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